So, what should you do if a child is struggling or if something seems off?

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Parents watch development and sometimes wonder, “Is this normal?” If you ask this question, I implore you to look outside of the social media pages and advice from family and friends and begin to document specifics of development. If you have any concerns or questions about early child development, rather than asking online or asking a friend, discuss your concerns first with the pediatrician.

Be sure to attend all those annoying and time consuming well visits. The pediatrician should be requesting well visits and providing…

Grappling with a tough question and seeking answers early.

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I remember a time when I thought to myself, “it isn’t autism, so what is it?” I knew all the signs and symptoms. I had read every Tony Atwood book in print, so I definitely knew what autism looked like. The pediatrician initial screenings were negative because eye contact was great, but somehow, we saw a great deal of struggle over seemingly basic activities. …

When you think that your child might have speech or other delays.

The phrase “they’ll grow out of it” makes me borderline enraged. This tidbit of advice is given by anyone from strangers on the internet to family members. The problem with this phrase is that it is given to caregivers who have a genuine concern for a child. This “wait and see method” dismisses the concern, as if time somehow magically fixes everything.

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“Wait and see” is often followed by the equally frustrating
“every child is different” trope, to which I think, oh what an earth-shattering epiphany! So, you…

Danica Morris Papali

Artist/Educator and Graphic Designer with a MAE in Art Education.

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